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Reality Check

The Future of Business is Virtual

It’s time to invade the workplace, topple the watercooler, liberate employees, and create a virtual workforce with a killer culture. Are you ready for the workplace apocalypse?

Who Is This Book For?

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, CEOs

The thing that ultimately keeps employees together is the mission and the act of working together toward something that they truly believe in; it is not a physical office. There is so much that can get done when you decide that you don’t need to do everything in person.

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What would happen if your company went virtual?

This book offers readers the playbook on how we made BELAY an award-winning company (all with no actual physical office), shares our story, our leadership ideas on developing a virtual organization, virtual myths, and tools to help you make the leap to a virtual culture.

Increased Productivity and Growth

Think of your commuting employees: if they were suddenly allowed to work virtually, they would give back their employer 3 hours of productivity a day, or 750 extra hours per year. Whoa.

Improved Employee Morale

When there is trust, you will see a healthier bottom line. You’ll see how it translates directly to our success. All you have to do is say to your employees, “I trust you to do the right thing.”

Freedom from the Landlord

Rent is a massive expense for any business, but guess what? You can slash rent and other key costs and benefits in tangible and intangible ways that you never thought were possible.

Playpens for Adults?

Many leaders or owners believe the four walls of the office are what keep employees contained within the company. What will happen if you strip away those walls? What is left to keep employees coming back?

Meet the Author

Bryan Miles

Bryan Miles is Co-founder of BELAY, alongside his wife Shannon. A leading US-based, virtual solutions company, BELAY has exploded to over one thousand team members—all working from home, remotely. Without an office, BELAY has graced the Inc. 5000 list five times and was awarded the number one spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Company Culture and been featured in several top-tier media outlets over the years.